Two Blokes Brewing


Matty Symons (head brewer and owner) and Evelyn Kofler.

Two Blokes Brewing was founded by Sean Geddis and Matty Symons in 2016. The two friends met while working at Blackbaud, and found they shared a love of craft beer. The business is now entirely owned by head brewer Matty Symons. Sean his wife Brittany have moved on to other pursuits.

Matty Symons, Co-Founder and Bloke, Head Brewer and Operations Manager
Matty is an accomplished home brewer and craft beer enthusiast with 20 years of experience in brewing craft beer. He studied brewing technology and methodology at Siebel Institute of Technology, America’s oldest brewing school.

Matty grew up in Melbourne, Australia and studied business and economics at La Trobe University and applied science at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. After a number of years running a successful photography business in Melbourne and London, England, he moved to the United States. He relocated from New England to Charleston in 2007 and worked at Blackbaud for 9 years.

Matty is our head brewer and general manager. He manages production scheduling, brewing,  staff management, inventory, quality control and brew house safety and operations.

Evelyn Kofler, Co-Founder, Alewife, Marketing and Communications, Lady Bloke
Evelyn grew up in wine country in the Fingerlakes of New York State and spent her summers during high school and college working in wineries giving tasting and tours. In craft beer she found similar qualities to what she loved about wine – endless flavors and aromas to explore, and an intriguing mix of art and science. She loves educating others about craft beer, especially women who may not consider themselves beer drinkers. She has worked in marketing and communications, both print and online, for 20 years and she helps manages the company brand and website. She is married to bloke Matty.