Pixar Trivia: From Suck to Unsuck

Have you ever longed for a gourmet meal prepared by a rat? Do you secretly hope to find monsters in your closet when you go to bed at night? Do you find yourself muttering “just keep swimming” in rush hour traffic? Then you’ve got a friend in Geeks Who Drink! With 8 whole rounds on Pixar’s beloved classics, this’ll be the best day since you got that septuacentennial cupcake in a cup.

How does it work? Listen close. The bulk of the rounds will consist only of questions about the theatrically released films produced by Pixar (there’s 20 of ’em), but anything and everything Pixar is fair game in round eight. It is “Random Knowledge” after all. You’ve got two weeks to catch up on just shy of 25 years of animated classics, so cuddle up with your cowboy doll, or your beloved life partner who’ll definitely die before you complete any of the things in your adventure book, and get studying! The quiz starts promptly at the time listed on the site so make sure to arrive early.

Admission is $5 (cash only please) per person and the winners will take home the pot. Otherwise, normal Geeks Who Drink rules apply. You’re team is limited to 6 players and cheaters may find a snake in their boots.

Registration for this quiz is REQUIRED! Head on over to to register your team.