Spanglish Cuban Kitchen

Spanglish Cuban Kitchen is a fast casual, locally sourced, Cuban American food concept that initially was conceived while both were living in New York. “We noticed that there were few very “Cuban Food” inspired concepts and none brought home what “Cuban Food” REALLY is” and this was a problem. Tomas continues to add, “The ingredients were all wrong; the flavors were ‘off’ and it just made me upset that Cuban food was depicted this way. I knew I had to do something and I had to start somewhere!”
The idea of the types of dishes the couple wanted to showcase in Spanglish Cuban Kitchen were dishes they both ate while growing up in Miami. These dishes brought passion and soul onto the dinner table, where we as a family, shared memories about our history and vibrant culture, listening to classic 50’s Cuban music playing in the background and mom always had dessert.
“Spanglish Cuban Kitchen is pretty much a glimpse into what a meal really is in Miami…just done right with the best ingredients possible, sourced locally and responsibly– it’s that simple”.