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Tips to safely enjoy your visit to Two Blokes

We’ve gotten lots of great questions since we’ve opened, so we’ve pulled them together here into a guide for visiting Two Blokes. Breweries and beer halls have a long tradition of being community hubs where everyone is welcome. As parents and dog owners we wanted to create a space that everyone could enjoy safely. But we are a production brewery with heavy (and sometimes hot) machinery and equipment, so safety is our number one priority. So that everyone can have a great time and leave with all limbs attached, here are some tips for your visit:

1. Well-behaved kids, dogs and adults are welcome. Kids and dogs must be directly supervised and under control at all times.

Your leashed dog is welcome to hang in the brewery, and we have dog snacks and water available (ask at the bar). They will probably get petted or told they are cute, so prepare them for that in advance. Another dog may also want to sniff their butt. If your dog needs to poop, that’s cool, everybody poops. But please take them outside and clean up after your dog. Ask us for help if you got caught without a bag. Dispose of poop bags in the trash inside the brewery if necessary.

Kids are welcome in the tap room. They don’t have to be on a leash (that’s your call…) But kids must be supervised by an adult at all times (both inside and out). We have kids snacks, soda, juice, and water available. The Half Pint kids club is a great place for kids to safely play games and make new friends. They will probably be talked to by strangers so prepare them for that in advance.

If your kid is found unsupervised they will be asked to immediately locate an adult. Hopefully they find you…

Adults, if you are visibly intoxicated we can’t serve you. It’s the law! And we want you to be safe so you come back to see us again. We’re happy to get you a cab ride home.

2.  Fun and Games

Games are available on the shelf to the left of the bar by the bathrooms.

Darts are in back by the brew house. Kids may play adult games but must be with an adult. Adults can play the kid games but have to be a good sport when they lose. Please clean up the Kids Club after use so others can enjoy it.

No running, climbing or jumping on the furniture. This is a brewery, not the Olympics. No climbing on trees or the brewing equipment. Our trees are weak and our brewing equipment is dangerous. No dancing on tables or the bar. This is a brewery not Coyote Ugly.

3. Glassware

Good news! You don’t have to steal your glass. Glasses are available for purchase from the bar for $5. We’ll give you a brand new one to take home when you check out. No scratches and it won’t make your pants or purse smell like beer.

No glassware is allowed outside the brewery for safety reasons. We know what it feels like, Walking on Broken Glass. And it’s not good.

4. Food is Fine

We often have food trucks at the brewery. Check Facebook or our events page for the schedule. You are welcome to bring food truck food inside. Please bring your trash inside if you eat outside.

You are also welcome to bring your own food – especially for times we don’t have a food truck available or for a birthday, etc.

We have Holy City Popcorn, Lowcountry Kettle Chips, New Primal Jerky, and kids snacks available for purchase at the bar. We also have soda, kids juice boxes, and seltzer water available for purchase in the cooler at the front. You can get cold filtered water at the water fountain in the alcove between the bathrooms. Fill your water bottle, or grab a cup. Help yourself!

5. When to Visit

You’ll have a different experience depending on when you visit. We’re open 7 days a week so try us out a few different times and see what you like.

Looking for a quiet night out and a leisurely tour or chat with an owner? Come on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We are open 4 – 9pm.

Looking for a fun laid-back happy hour scene? Come on a Thursday or Friday directly after work. We are open 3 – 9pm on Thursday, and 2 – 10pm on Friday.

Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and evenings are our peak times. You’ll find lots of families with kids, dogs, and happy adults during those times. It’s crowded and noisy and fun. We also have food trucks, and sometimes we have bands. Check our events schedule.

We are open 12 – 10pm on Saturdays. Come early if you like it quiet, or later if you like it busy.

Sundays are usually not too crowded. We are open from 12 – 8pm. Check our food truck schedule for Sunday brunch options!

6. Brewery Tours

We give regular brewery tours. By law we must offer a tour in conjunction with our beer so don’t be offended if we ask if you want a tour and this is the 7th time you’ve visited and you’ve already taken one. Please also feel free to ask at the bar if you are interested and we will set one up for you. Any staff member or owner is happy to answer your questions about the beer or the brewery.

Please do not enter the production area of the brewery on your own. Stay behind the yellow chain unless a staff member escorts you on a tour. There are many dangers behind the yellow chain from chemicals to hot brew kettles to grumpy head brewers. You must be accompanied by a staff member for a tour. Plus if you wander back there the head brewer will make you clean stuff. We are not kidding.

Do not make fun of the head brewer’s accent. He will put you in the mash tun and make you clean it. Also, he’s Australian, not English, or South African, or a Kiwi.

7. The Beer

By South Carolina law we can only serve you 48oz during your visit. That’s three 16oz pints or four 12oz glasses. You may take up to 288oz to go. We did not make this up. Ask about a growler fill or canned Crowler. Or purchase some of our barrel aged beer in bottles. We’ll help you do the math.

Be adventurous. Try something new each time. Do a 4oz taster for $2 or a flight if you’re not sure.

Drink local. We are proudly independent and brewer owned and operated! Be sure to try our other Mount Pleasant and Charleston breweries. Ask for a recommendation.

Yes, we distribute our beer to restaurants and bars around Charleston. You can find us at lots of bars and restaurants around the area, and into Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and Florence.

You can find our beer at lots of events around the area too. Check out our events page to see where we will be.

We hope this helps make your visit fun, enjoyable and safe! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. You can email us or private message us on Facebook.

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